Luxury Vehicle Rentals


    This Florida Company was created to fill the gap between leasing a vehicle from the dealership or renting an automobile from the franchise car rental agencies. There was definitely a problem when it came to pricing. For example, how is that you can lease a Mercedes for around 550 a month but if you chose to rent it daily, it can add up to 3000 or more. That's a tremendous difference in pricing for the same vehicle considering that both scenarios exist everyday within the automobile agencies. What's missing? What if you don't want to sign a long term commitment by leasing from a dealership in order to lower your payment and also didnt want to pay record high daily prices by going to Enterprise, Hertz, Avis and etc.. That's where our luxury rentals fill the gap. We created this company to accommodate the group of those ppl who want more flexibility in pricing with less commitment with higher end vehicles that most companies fail to offer. What else do we offer?

Executive Condo Rentals

      Luxrentz L.L.C not only offers luxury vehicles but has used the same formula to tap into the real estate market to give you alot more value for your money with pricing options you may find attractive. Our company partners with many management companies to provide exclusive rentals at your fingertips.

Invest in experience...

     Why is our slogan invest in experience??? Experience is the key to success. You never know if you'll really enjoy something until you get both feet in it. Our company allows you to drive exotic cars, live in beautiful condos, and rent boats to take your friends, family or future partners on a experience of a lifetime. When you come to Northwest Florida invest in experience with Luxrentz L.L.C.